Flower Names

Do you want to discover a unique Flower baby name for your girl, boy, cat, or dog? Find some of the most beautiful Flower names that can help you add a bit of creativity to your baby's name.

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Flower names can be beautiful for both boys and girls. While most people associate Flower names with feminine qualities, there are also some excellent Flower name choices that are masculine. Different flowers have different meanings depending on culture and region. Regardless, many Flower names carry deep symbolism -- they're an excellent way to add a unique twist to your baby's name. Flower names are often popular with parents who have a deep appreciation of nature. You can also use these names for cats, dogs, and other pets!

10 Most Popular Flower Names

1stJasmineFragrant flower, jasmine flower, a flower in the olive family.
2ndBasilKingly, king, imperial, monarchic or royal, like a king.
3rdLilyLily, lily flower, of the night.
4thHeathA heath or a moor, heathland, hailing from a region with heather, wasteland, land with sandy soil, heath.
5thHollyTo prick, plant with red berries, holly tree, holly.
6thLindenFrom near a lime tree, lime tree, linden hill.
7thHeatherFlower, heather plant, flowering plant, a flowering plant, heather.
8thSageWise, herb or prophet, herb, wise person, from the spice or prophet.
9thDaisyEye of the day, daisy flower.

All Flower Names

AcaciaGirlThorny, thorny tree.
AlmondBoyNoble protection, almond.
AlthaiaGirlMedicinal herb, healing.
AltheaGirlMarsh flower, one who heals, the healer, or wholesome.
AmaranthBoyImmortal, unfading.
AmaranthGirlImmortal, unfading.
AniseGirlSpice, aniseed.
AppleGirlThe apple fruit, apple.
AzaleaGirlFlower, dry flower, withered flower, dry.
BasilBoyKingly, king, imperial, monarchic or royal, like a king.
BeechBoyBeech tree, stream.
BegoniaGirlType of flower.
BelladonnaGirlBeautiful woman.
BerryBoyFruitful, small fruit, from a fortified castle, a berry, berry, grape.
BerryGirlSmall fruit, a berry.
BetonyGirlOf the vettones, good for the head.
BlanchefleurGirlWhite flower.
BlossomGirlFresh, flower, bloom, blossom, flower - like.
BluebellGirlBluebell, blue flower.
BrackenBoyBracken, descendant of breacan.
BriarGirlShrub, small tree, thorny plant.
BriarBoyShrub, small tree, thorny plant.
Briar-RoseGirlRose within a prickly shrub.
BryonyGirlStrong, poisonous climbing vine, flowering plant, vine with small blossoms.
CallaGirlBeautiful, beauty, loveliness.
CameliaGirlYoung, virginal, flower, the camellia flower, unblemished character, evergreen tree.
CamelliaGirlUnblemished, flowering plant, the camellia flower.
CarnationGirlFlesh colored, type of flower.
CelandineGirlFlower, swallow, a swallow bird.
CherryGirlCherry red, cherry fruit, love and generosity, cherry.
ChrysantheGirlChrysanthemum flower, flower of gold, marigold, golden flower.
CinnamonGirlThe spice, a spice.
CloverGirlClover, meadow flower, fortunate, clover plant.
CocoaGirlCoconut, powdered chocolate.
CorianderBoyRomance, spice, coriander.
CorianderGirlRomance, spice, coriander.
CypressBoyStrong, muscular, adaptable, the cypress tree.
CypressGirlThe cypress tree.
DaffodilGirlYellow flower, narcissus flower, the asphodel.
DahliaGirlFlower named for botanist a. dahl, dahlia flower, dweller in the valley.
DaisyGirlEye of the day, daisy flower.
DaphneGirlLaurel, laurel tree.
DianthaGirlBlend of diana and anthea, divine flower, flower from the gods.
DiantheGirlFlower of the gods, flower from the gods.
FernGirlDarling, fern, fern plant, a fern plant or see ferdinand.
FleurGirlFlower, like a flower.
FloraGirlFlower, flowering, like a flower.
FlowerGirlFlower, like a flower, a bloom.
FreesiaGirlFreese's flower.
GardeniaGirlThe flower, gardenia flower, garden's flower.
GingerGirlPure, reddish orange color, ginger woman.
HanamiGirlBeauty blossom.
HazelGirlHazelnut, the hazel tree, hazel tree.
HeathBoyA heath or a moor, heathland, hailing from a region with heather, wasteland, land with sandy soil, heath.
HeatherGirlFlower, heather plant, flowering plant, a flowering plant, heather.
HollyGirlTo prick, plant with red berries, holly tree, holly.
HyacinthGirlThe flower, hyacinth flower, the flower hyacinth.
HyacinthBoyThe flower hyacinth.
IndigoGirlBlue dye, person from india.
IndigoBoyDark blue, blue dye, person from india.
IrisGirlRainbow, goddess of the rainbow, colorful, colors of rainbow, name of a flower.
IrisaGirlIris, colorful, rainbow.
IvyGirlClimber, climbing vine plant, climbing plant, ivy tree.
JacarandaGirlStrong odor.
JasmineGirlFragrant flower, jasmine flower, a flower in the olive family.
JuniperGirlShrub, juniper berry, juniper bush.
JuniperBoyJuniper bush.
LaurelGirlLaurel tree, laurel, crowned with laurel.
LilacGirlLight blue purple, bluish purple color or flower, bluish purple, lilac flower, pale purple colour.
LilyGirlLily, lily flower, of the night.
Lily-RoseGirlCombination of lily and rose.
LindenBoyFrom near a lime tree, lime tree, linden hill.
LinneaGirlLime tree, like a twinflower, twin, flower.
MagnoliaGirlFlowering tree, flower name, magnolia flower, from the flower.
MaiGirlMay, brightness, coyote, pearl, dance, linen robe, blossom of apricot, flower.
MapleGirlMaple tree, maple.
MarigoldGirlMary's gold, yellow flower, marigold flower, golden mary, from the flower.
MyraGirlSweet ointment, admirable, scent of myrrh.
MyrtleGirlMyrtle bush, evergreen shrub, myrtle, the tree, victory.
NarcissusBoySelf-love, numb and sleepy, beauty.
OleaGirlPertaining to the olive, olive family.
OliveGirlOlive tree, olive or from the olive tree, the olive tree.
PansyGirlThoughtful, violet flower, pansy flower, thought.
PeonyGirlFlower, physician of the gods.
PepperGirlHot spice, from the pepper plant.
PetalGirlFlower's petal.
PetuniaGirlFlower name, flower, of the petunia flower.
PoppyGirlFlower, from the flower, poppy flower, from the poppy flower.
RitaGirlPearl, a pearl.
RoseGirlFlower, rose, rose blossom, of the rose blossom, rose flower, beautiful flower.
RosemaryGirlBitter rose, herb, sea dew.
RozaGirlA rose, red, rose, rose blossom, rose flower.
RueGirlHerb or diminutive form of ruth, fame, notorious.
SachetGirlPerfumed, pure existence, thought.
SaffronGirlYellow flower, saffron spice, yellow, purple and white flowers.
SageGirlWise, herb or prophet, herb, wise person, from the spice or prophet.
SageBoyWise, herb or prophet, herb, wise person, from the spice or prophet.
SequoiaBoyRedwood, giant redwood tree, sequoia tree, large tree.
SequoiaGirlRedwood, giant redwood tree, sequoia tree.
SidoniaGirlEnticing, captivates, to ensnare.
SidonieGirlFollower of saint denys, captivates, from the city of sidon, follower of st. denis.
SorrelGirlReddish brown, of sour taste.
SugarGirlSweet, sweet crystal spice, sweet as sugar.
SumanaGirlFlower, good-hearted.
TansyBoyTenacious, immortality, name of a flower.
TansyGirlName of a flower, flower, tenacious, immortality.
ThornBoyTown of thorns, from thorne.
TymeBoyThyme herb.
TymeGirlThyme herb.
VeolaGirlThe violet flower.
VioletGirlBluish purple, purple, blue flower, violet flower.
WillowGirlGraceful or slender, from the willow grove, willow tree, from the willow tree.
ZettaGirlRose blossom, rose.
ZinniaGirlFlower, zinnia flower, from the flower.